Margaret Ames DMD MS

Dr. Ames is currently focusing on the promotion of Biomimetic Dentistry to Patients and Dentists.
She is on a sabbatical from clinical dentistry.


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Please view this 3 minute overview of my Philosophy on Dentistry.
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Stop amputation of your enamel.

Except for whitening and bonding, Dentistry has not changed much in the past 100 years. Civil war, amputational dentistry has given rise to the invention of dental implants to replace teeth that have failed using those techniques. In 2009, I learned of the development of a method to restore teeth that eliminates the amputation of healthy enamel and greatly reduces the need for root canals and crowns (caps). This technique is based on studies by scientists with no monetary gain to slant their findings.

George Costanza was right: Shrinkage needs to be controlled.

Biomimetic techniques allow the dentist to use materials and strategies to minimize the shrinkage effects, allow the filling to be flexible, and inactivate the enzymes that destroy the collagen in the tooth.
The principles of the biomimetic technique take into consideration traits of the tooth and the filling material. White (bonded) fillings done the way they are taught in dental schools, do not incorporate these facts that have been proven in highly regarded studies; not the studies funded by the manufacturers. Traditional white fillings begin to leak and fail at an average of 6 years.

For those needing a quick read.

Biomimetic dentistry minimizes the need for root canals and crowns so much that root canal specialists are getting less referrals from biomimetic dentists. This is a good problem. If you've been told that your teeth with old silver mercury fillings or large composite resin fillings need crowns, go to and click on For patients to see why.

And for the engineers reading this, read on.

These traits are: the significant shrinkage of the filling material, even over the first 5 minutes, the flexibility of the natural tooth and not the filling, and the presence of a substance we all produce in the presence of acid attack (discovered by oncologists) which destroys the collagen after the filling has been bonded to it. These traits put strains on the bonds which cause them to fatigue quickly and studies have shown that the average bonded filling lasts less than 6 years. Silver mercury fillings expand and leak over time and fail in a way that causes avoidable destruction of the tooth.

Bottom Line.

Biomimetic dentistry is becoming the sought-after treatment of choice for informed consumers who want to retain their own enamel and dentin for a lifetime of good oral health.

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile and sometimes your smile is the source of your joy."